FAQs About Heating Oil

With winter approaching and the cold weather kicking in, heating will become essential for all households. With the unfortunate price rise due to supply and demand, we are going to explain any concerns you may have when looking to purchase heating oil.

Firstly, what can heating oil be used for?

Heating oil is mainly used for oil-fired boilers to heat water and rooms to wide premises that aren’t connected to the national grid. However, it cannot be used in vehicles, mobile, or static engines. By using kerosene in engines without a license from HMRC, you are breaking the law.

How much does it cost?

Due to the rise in prices, the total cost can fluctuate over time, we would recommend getting in touch by dropping us an email or phoning up for an instant quote free of charge.

When will the prices drop?

The cost of heating oil will tend to drop when factors such as weather, locations, and conflicts around the world will change. It is very hard to tell when the prices will change so it’s best to keep in touch with a reliable supplier to hear updates on the cost.

What is safer to use, gas or heating oil?

Heating oil is safer to use than gas. This is because the fumes from heating oil don’t produce the fatal carbon monoxide as gas does. Heating oil is safe for home use.

What is 28-second oil?

This is just another term for kerosene. It is called the 28-second oil due to the viscosity of the oil. You can distinguish the meaning of the term by testing 50ml of oil and seeing the length of time it takes to drip into a beaker.

How long should my heating oil last?

Heating oil typically lasts for approximately 18-24 months inside a residential tank, and it stays clean and avoids anything that could harm the quality of the oil such as water or any unwanted bio-matter.

To retain a high-level of cleanliness in the oil tank, you should always choose a top-quality and reliable service to purchase heating oil, we can help with this one!

For a deeper insight into legally and safely purchasing reliable and top-quality heating oil, red diesel, and more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today!