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White Diesel (DERV)

Our DERV comes straight from the refinery, ensuring top quality, and our bulk buying power means competitive prices for you.

It also meets BS EN590 specification with all the necessary seasonal requirements for summer and winter grades.   

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Are you looking for a competitive price on bulk White Diesel?  

Our experts are well-versed in the market and can provide you with competitive diesel prices.

DERV prices change daily due to the global oil market, making it difficult to provide fixed prices online.

Other factors, like quantity and location, can also affect prices. We offer fixed-contracted bulk diesel prices, allowing you to manage expenses and budget effectively for future purchases.

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Wholesale White Diesel/ DERV

Ordering wholesale DERV is much cheaper than purchasing at the pump. 

Compass Fuels is a fuel supplier of DERV in bulk and barrels from 20L containers to 36,000L bulk drops to sites all over the UK – same day / next day / weekend deliveries available. 

We also offer a wide range of other wholesale fuels, including:

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How to find a reliable DERV supplier near you?

DERV fuel is widely available in the UK, but Compass Fuel Oils stands out for its reliable and reactive service.

With over 20 tankers and strategically located depots, we offer faster deliveries.

Our diesel comes straight from the refinery, ensuring top quality, and our bulk buying power means competitive prices for you.

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What is DERV used for?

DERV, which stands for Diesel Engine Road Vehicle, is the same fuel available from petrol filling stations used to power road vehicles with diesel engine, the most common being HGVs (heavy goods vehicles), cars and vans.  

What other names is White Diesel known by? 

  • Road diesel
  • DERV (Diesel Engine Road Vehicle)
  • ULSD (Ultra-low sulphur diesel)

Even though it is commonly used for tasks like lifting steel beams, paving roads, and digging foundations, there are still uncertainties surrounding its use.

With upcoming tax changes for red diesel and varying fuel specifications for DERV, it can be challenging to stay updated on the rules and regulations. As a top DERV supplier in the UK, we address these issues and more in our guide.

Read our derv guide

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Changes to the Red Diesel Duty

DERV and red diesel have similar properties, so it’s important to understand the tax differences when choosing fuel.

The government duty tax applies to DERV fuel at a rate of 57.95 per litre, while red diesel, a rebated fuel, has a much lower tax rate of 5% for volumes below 2300 litres and 20% for higher volumes.

The rules for using red diesel have changed, and it’s now illegal to use it in road-going vehicles.

Guide to Red Diesel Tax

What are the Environmental Impacts of Using White Diesel?

With growing environmental concerns, people are increasingly interested in the emissions profile of white diesel and any eco-friendly alternatives or additives that can reduce its environmental impact.

Compass Fuel Oils provide Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel (ULSD), which is designed to reduce emissions and meet the latest British and European specifications. It offers quick starting, smoke control, reduced particulates, and protection from injector and pump wear.

View our Specification sheet

Looking for a greener alternative diesel?

HVO is an advanced renewable diesel fuel approved for use by a wide range of equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Offering improved all-weather performance, cleaner-burning and a vastly increased storage life, the sustainable fuel reduces net CO2 emissions by up to 90%.

Learn more

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