What is DERV? Guide to Fueling Diesel Engine Road Vehicles

DERV fuel, short for Diesel Engine Road Vehicle, is the fuel of choice for diesel engine road vehicles, fleets, and equipment. In this guide, our fuel experts provide a detailed overview of this fuel.

DERV Fuel Guide – Get to know more about DERV Road Diesel Fuel

White diesel (DERV) is a fuel that is used to power on-road vehicles  – it stands for Diesel Engine Road vehicle, but is also known as road diesel and white diesel, among other names.

DERV, also known as white diesel, is a favourite choice across many industries with 27.7bn litres of diesel sold in 2022 alone. That is due to being able to carry out some of the world’s most demanding work allowing to save more CO2 making it environmentally friendly.

While DERV is widely used, there are uncertainties about its tax and price. Compass Fuel Oil, a top bulk DERV supplier with nearly 60 years combined experience delivering millions of litres of DERV to UK businesses annually, is well-equipped to address these concerns and more.

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White Diesel / DERV FAQS

It’s the same fuel available from petrol filling stations used to power vehicles with diesel engine, the most common being HGVs (heavy goods vehicles), cars and vans.  

What other names is White Diesel known by? 

  • Road diesel
  • DERV (Diesel Engine Road Vehicle)
  • ULSD (Ultra-low sulphur diesel)

If you need to purchase DERV in large quantities, you should order from a fuel supplier that has the capability to supply the amount of DERV you need. At Compass Fuel Oil, we are a top UK DERV supplier that can deliver quantities ranging from 205-litre barrels up to 36,000 litres or more if needed!

Due to our strategically located fuel depots, we provide some of the quickest DERV delivery times in the industry, offering a standard 24-48 hour service. We can even deliver your diesel within a few hours through our emergency fuel delivery.

Because of the daily fluctuations in the global oil markets, we cannot provide fixed DERV prices online. The cost varies daily due to factors such as conflicts in oil-producing countries, particularly in the Middle East, and other external influences beyond our control.
Additional factors affecting the price of fuel include the customer’s location and the quantity of fuel requested. These variables can significantly impact the final price of the fuel being ordered.
As a leading national DERV supplier with substantial purchasing power, we take pride in offering some of the most competitive prices in the industry. Contact us at 0330 128 9838 for a competitive and no-obligation DERV quote today.

It’s the same fuel available from petrol filling stations used to power vehicles with diesel engine, the most common being HGVs (heavy goods vehicles), cars and vans.

DERV is subject to a 20% VAT rate, while vehicles with reduced emissions, such as liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), compressed natural gas (CNG), and electric vehicles, are taxed at reduced duty rates.

The current fuel duty in the UK stands at 52.95 pence per litre.

DERV shares similar properties with gas oil (red diesel), so understanding the regulations and variances in tax rates is crucial. Red Diesel currently benefits from a rebate, resulting in a significantly lower tax rate of 5% for volumes below 2,300 litres. However, in the 2021 budget announcement, the chancellor revealed plans to eliminate the red diesel tax for several industries, prompting businesses to consider DERV or cleaner-burning fuels like HVO in the near future. Read more on the change in red diesel tax here.

Fuel duty will remain frozen until the end of the 2021/22 financial year, marking the longest freeze in over 40 years, with at least a decade of no increase.

It is important to store DERV in a dedicated storage tank in a cool and dry location to extend its shelf life and minimise the risk of contamination.

For permanent onsite storage, steel tanks are commonly used for diesel, while portable 45-gallon drums are suitable for easily transporting DERV or for users without fixed storage facilities.

There are legal limits on the amount of DERV that can be stored due to the risks it presents to both individuals and the environment. Improper handling of DERV can be dangerous and it is a highly flammable substance. Regulations vary based on the storage location, quantity, and intended use of the fuel.

For more information, refer to our Oil Tank Storage Regulations Guide.

With proper tank maintenance and the recommended storage conditions, DERV can be stored for a period ranging from 6 to 12 months. If you plan to store diesel for a longer duration, it is crucial to arrange for regular fuel testing by a professional company to minimize the risk of contamination.

Diesel fuel contains 7% FAME (Fatty Acid Methyl Esters) to meet RTFO obligations, making DERV highly susceptible to microbial contamination during storage.

FAME’s hygroscopic nature attracts water, creating ideal conditions for diesel bug, sludge, and biomass growth. This significantly diminishes DERV quality, leading to clogged filters and engine malfunctions.

If your DERV has spilled, you must act fast. If it’s only a small amount of DERV, you can use a spill kit to help contain the oil. We supply these at Compass Fuel Oils, as well as a wide range of additional ancillary products to help with the safe storage and handling of fuels.

If the DERV cannot be contained using a spill kit, you must contact a specialist as soon as possible to help avoid further damage to the environment and potentially harming wildlife or anyone nearby. DERV spills can cost tens of thousands of pounds in remedial and legal implications.

Compass Fuel Oils specialises in emergency DERV spill response and can come to your rescue straight away. If you suspect an oil spill, call 0330 128 9838 right away.

HVO is an advanced renewable diesel fuel approved for use by a wide range of equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Offering improved all-weather performance, cleaner-burning and a vastly increased storage life, the sustainable fuel reduces net CO2 emissions by up to 90%.

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