Common oil boiler problems and solutions

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When there is no natural gas available, oil boilers are a common option for homes and other properties. Although they are effective and dependable, mechanical systems can be prone to failure. As a result, oil boilers can also experience a range of issues and problems. So what are the most common oil boiler problems and how can these be resolved?

What are some of the most common oil boiler problems and solutions?

Some of the most common problems with oil boilers that homeowners and building managers could face include:

  • a lack of heat or hot water
  • a leak
  • randomly switching off

A lack of heat or hot water

One of the most frequent issues with oil boilers is a lack of heat or hot water. It can be caused on by a variety of issues including a clogged or blocked filter, a broken thermostat, a bad pump, or an oil burner that isn’t working properly. You should first begin by checking the filter and replacing this if it’s dirty.  If the problem persists you should then make sure the thermostat is set properly and that the pump is working.  The pump might need to be replaced if it is not functioning.Finally, if the issue is with the oil burner itself, a specialist may need to clean or service it.

Alternatively, you may have heating and hot water, but the temperature is not what you want it to be. This is another typical oil boiler problem. Numerous problems, like a broken thermostat, a problematic pump, or an issue with the combustion process, may be to blame if the boiler cannot reach the correct temperature. Make sure the thermostat is set properly to solve this issue or t he pump might need to be replaced if this is the cause of the issue.  An expert may be required to repair the combustion process if there is a problem.

A boiler leak

A fractured heat exchanger, a broken pressure relief valve, or a leaky pipe are just a few of the problems that might result in a boiler leaking water. If the heat exchanger is cracked or broken, it must be replaced in order to solve the issue. If the pressure relief valve is broken, this will also need to be replaced.  If the leak is caused by a pipe, it will be necessary to repair or replace this, to solve the problem.

The boiler is randomly switching off

A blocked or clogged filter, an inoperable thermostat, or a difficulty with the combustion process are just a few possible reasons why the boiler is switching off at random times. To resolve this you can begin by checking the filter and replacing this if it’s dirty, before then checking the thermostat. If the thermostat is also working correctly, you will require an professional expert to repair the combustion process.

Using the right fuel is essential for your oil boiler

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