Fuel Storage Tank Hire – Compass Fuels

Compass Fuels can supply you with a range of different fuel storage and dispensing tanks to suit you every need.

These storage tanks:

  • Are Ideal for all business sectors including construction and site work.
  • Fully lockable on site.
  • Specifically designed to fit the purpose I.e mobile transport requirements.
  • Come complete with a bundled solution for safe fuel storage.

Fuel storage and dispensing tank information

All Fuel storage Tanks come complete with:

  • Fitted with a top quality PIUSI CUBE56 pump 230
  • 4m flexible hose as standard and an automatic nozzle
  • Mechanical flow meter to measure each individual fuel delivery. This also records the total fuel dispensed from the unit and the output of pump: 56 litres/minute
  • Spill stop to prevent overfilling. Comes with automatic shut off at 95% of tank capacity.
  • All tanks are fitted with an electronic watchman, gauge and leak detention system

All tanks meet current Environment Agency Standards, and meet and exceed Pollution Prevention Guide Lines (PPG).

For orders or free advice on your fuel storage or dispensing tank please call 0844 335 64 47

Most popular fuel oil tanks on hire

  • Diesel Storage Dispensing Tank
  • Fuel Storage Dispensing Tank
  • Heating Oil Storage Dispensing Tank
  • Oil Storage Dispensing Tank
  • Plastic Storage Dispensing Tanks
  • Steel Storage Dispensing Tanks