Keeping your home heating oil safe from theft 

Home heating oil is a great way to keep your property heated and warm, all year round. But what are the effective options for keeping your home heating oil safe from theft?

What are the options for keeping your home heating oil safe from theft?

Many homeowners who use oil as their main source of heat are concerned about keeping their home heating oil safe from theft. Being a valuable resource, heating oil is vulnerable to theft by opportunistic criminals. There are, however, a number of precautions you can take to assist safeguard your heating oil supply and discourage would-be thieves. These include:

  • Install a security system: An efficient prevention against oil theft is a home security system with motion detectors and security cameras. Installing a security system with monitoring services that will notify the authorities in the event of an emergency is something to think about.
  • Use a locked fill pipe cap: Your oil tank can be protected from theft and illegal entry with a lockable fill pipe cap. Cast iron or another strong material should be used to make the cap, and a high-quality lock should be used to secure it.
  • Install outdoor lighting: The ability of criminals to approach your oil tank secretly can be made more difficult by adequate exterior illumination, which can aid in theft prevention. Installing lights that will turn on when someone approaches your tank might be a good idea. These can even work together with the home security system to record any movement.
  • Use an oil level monitor: When the oil level in your tank unexpectedly lowers, an oil level monitor will notify you; this could be a sign that someone has stolen part of your oil. The oil level in your tank will also be recorded by this kind of sensor, which can be useful in figuring out how much oil has been stolen. Here at Compass Fuel Oils we can supply a high quality fuel monitor for your tank.
  • Keep your tank secure: To prevent it from being readily moved, make sure your oil tank is firmly fastened to the ground. To further safeguard the tank, think about erecting a wall or fence around it.
  • Store your oil in a secure location: Consider keeping your heating oil in a lockable room if you have a basement or other secure space. This will add another level of security against theft.
  • Consider using a delivery service:Consider employing a delivery service that will carry your heating oil right to your tank if you are worried about theft. The transfer of oil from the delivery truck to your tank will be handled by the delivery service, so you won’t need to keep the oil anywhere that is easily accessible.
  • Make sure the tank is visible: You can prevent theft by keeping your oil tank in plain sight from the street. If your tank is concealed by bushes or trees, you might want to try clearing these obstructions to make the tank more apparent.
  • Keep your property well-maintained: Make sure your oil tank is well-maintained and in good shape, and keep the area surrounding it clean and free of clutter. This cleanliness can deter criminal as they can see that the space is regularly used.
  • Report any suspicious activity:Report any suspect activity to the authorities if you notice it, such as someone standing around close to your tank or an odd car parked nearby. Your quick response might aid in stopping a theft.

Here at Compass Fuel Oils, we provide top quality home heating oil as well as professional fuel level monitors. Why not get in touch today to find out more?