Recent Fluctuations In Red Diesel Prices

Everybody knows that red diesel prices have fluctuated recently, moving both up and down, reflecting the changes in the movement of the market as a whole. But those individuals looking to capitalise on the movements and score the lowest possible price, will be glad to know that towards the end of the last month and continuing into the foreseeable future, red diesel prices have continued to fall.  Fluctuating between 69.5 and 70.3 pence per litre at the end of November,  things are finally looking up for consumers and relying on the price reductions to increase the efficiency and running costs of their businesses. In particular this relates to farmers, who have notably had a difficult time during this latest spell of economic decline.

Red Diesel Theft

Unfortunately however, like all positive things within the current market there always comes negatives. Farmers have been placed on high alert and informed that they need to be particularly vigilant in, monitoring their equipment and activities making sure that they do not leave them and open to criminals and thieving opportunities. It has become particularly apparent that there has been an incremental increase in crime rates matches the fall and reductions in the market prices.  This is nothing new and it has been noticed that rural crimes have been on the rise, revealing peaks within 2010, of 17% throughout the year. In addition to this it has been recorded that £15 million worth of agricultural equipment being stolen over the last 5 years, with tractors being among the most common amongst thieves within rural areas.

Illegal Uses of Red Diesel

These records are not really surprising, with crimes involving red diesel become all too prevalent, particularly within the rural areas of the country. The general public have long since recognised illegal uses for red diesel especially since it can be used interchangeably with automotive diesel for a fraction of the price. And as such the police have become more and more savvy towards the illegal use of red diesel, utilising new and improved methods to catch red diesel perpetrators.

Red Diesel – Summing Up

To conclude, red diesel fuel has recently received positive price reductions allowing the intended beneficiaries of the reductions to operate their businesses more effectively and efficiently.  However the reduction in prices has also increased the crime rate associated with not only the red diesel itself but the machines and equipment requiring it. Sin short if you can benefit from the changes in price then by all means do so, but, ensure to monitor your activities keeping your equipment to keep them free from criminal activity.