Looking to buy Red Diesel in barrels? Choose Compass Fuels!

Compass Fuels are one of the only companies that offer 100% UK coverage of Red Diesel delivered in 200 or 205 litre barrels.

Barrels of red diesel are best suited when:

  • Site access is difficult and larger vehicles are unsuitable.
  • No large quantity storage facilities are available or allowed on the site.
  • Site is unsecured and fuel is not wanting to be left unattended.
  • Usage is minimal and doesn’t require a large amount.

Our standard barrel delivery is within 3 working days.
SAME-DAY or NEXT DAY DELIVERY may be available in emergency situations – please ask!

To order your drum of red diesel please call us on 0330 128 9838.

Who uses barrels of Red Diesel?

  • Plant Hire i.e. Mini Diggers, Excavators.
  • Backup diesel generators.
  • Fire sprinkler pump systems.
  • Diesel fork lift trucks.
  • and many more!

We also supply a full range of accessories including:

  • Cast Iron Barrel Pumps
  • Fuel hose with jubilee clips
  • Gravity Feed Barrel Taps
  • Fuel Flow Meters
  • Fuel Oil Spill Kits
  • Bunded Spill Pallets
  • Drip Trays
  • Head over to our ancillary page for more information.

 Note – All of our barrels of red diesel:

  • Come with a collection service when empty.
  • Comply with UN Regulations for storage purposes.
  • Are reusable and manufactured from mild steel.