Advantages of using steel tanks for fuel oils

Fuel storage tanks are an important part of many businesses, across a range of industries. From agricultural Red Diesel, to Kerosene heating oil, storing fuel can help businesses stay on top of fuel demand, and cut costs. But do this safely and effectively, the right type of fuel tank is essential. And this should always be steel. Here at Compass Fuel Oils, we are leading fuel oil professionals, delivering a range of high quality fuel oils across the UK, in bulk and barrels, within just 1-3 days. We also offer fuel tank hire too, using only steel tanks. But why is it so important to choose steel tanks for fuel oils? Well, this is our guide to everything you should know about the advantages of using steel fuel storage tanks.

What are the advantages of using steel tanks for fuel oils?

There are a number of advantages to choosing steel tanks in particular, to keep your fuel oils safe, clean and in solid storage. Steel is a superior choice because this is a metal that can offer:
⦁ Security
⦁ Longevity
⦁ Flexibility

Steel fuel tanks offer increased security

Fuel theft is on the rise across the UK, with plastic storage tanks easy pickings for criminals to steal from. And with the loss of fuel, your company could face vehicle and machinery downtime, as well as the additional cost to replace the fuel. For this reason, a secure, steel, fuel storage tank should be considered. These can be difficult to move without equipment, and are extremely difficult to break into, providing increased fuel security and keeping the risk of fuel theft to a minimum.

In addition, all of the steel tanks we have available to hire are fully bunded. This means that they are designed as a double tank, or a tank within a tank. This allows the fuel oils to remain safe and secure, with no leaks or risks, without needing to build a bund wall system.

Steel fuel tanks offer increased longevity

Plastic tanks are vulnerable to damage from a range of sources, including:
⦁ UV degradation
⦁ structural failures
⦁ damage from vehicles and machines
⦁ criminal damage and theft (as outlined above)

As a result of these vulnerabilities, plastic fuel storage tanks do not tend to have a long life span. Steel, on the other hand, can be used in a wide range of conditions, while withstanding a lot of potential threats and issues, like those listed above. Steel tanks can easily survive scrapes and damage from vehicles and machinery on site, and ultimately provide years of hassle free fuel storage and refueling.

Steel fuel tanks offer increased flexibility

From agriculture and plant hire to construction and haulage, steel tanks can be the perfect option for storing fuel across a wide range of industries. This is because they can be easily lifted and moved around the site, with the right equipment, and even transported on the roads when full of fuel. As a result, you can move your fuel oil around and between sites, without having to buy two separate drums, barrels or tanks.

For more information about our steel fuel tank hire, or to arrange delivery this winter, get in touch with the professionals today, here at Compass Fuel Oils.