The Legal Uses Of Red Diesel

Regulations of Red Diesel

Red diesel is predominantly used as a home heating oil, possessing many similar characteristics to standard diesel. In order to distinguish between the two, primarily because home heating oil costs considerably less because of levied taxes, a red dye is added to prevent its unlawful or illegal usage. This allows law-enforcing authorities to easily detect usage through various methods and anyone found guilty of breaking the law can be punished severely for tax evading.

Legal Regulations with Red Diesel

Many countries throughout the UK and even the world have their own rules and procedures regarding the colouring of such fuel, in order to maintain and uphold the lawful and obligatory rights of the intended recipients of red diesel. By applying stringent measures to identify and prevent perpetrators from using the fuel illegally, spot checks are often carried out to prevent and reduce the occurrence of such activities from happening.  This testing and tracking approach is most readily applied within rural areas where much of the activity is likely to occur, due to the access and abundance of red diesel within these constituencies.

Red Diesel for Farms and Construction

Despite the stigmas attached to its unlawful use, many people use red diesel legally and effectively to fulfil a variety of different roles and jobs.  These include a plethora of different professions and purposes, whereby the individual receives the intended benefits of reduced cost, generally because of their extended use of red diesel in their daily activities. Such examples include farmers, who use it to power tractors, harvesters and other types of farm machinery. Construction companies use it similarly to power their off road machinery including bulldozers, cranes and onsite equipment. This list is not exhaustive, far from it in-fact and usage extends to canal boats and aviation.

Red Diesel – Used Worldwide

Red diesel is supplied worldwide and is in high demand particularly within the agricultural, construction and other off road activities. As such there is often a plethora of suppliers available within all cities within the UK, offering very competitive prices to customers. Many customers or potential customers identify their suppliers by checking out the website in order to identify prices and often more importantly, to check the credentials and credibility of the supplier involved. Credentials are often determined by reputation and the name factor i.e. whether or not you have heard of the supplier before, but most commonly through the use of testimonials revealing satisfied customers reviewing the quality of the service received.

In Summary – Red Diesel

To conclude, due to the reduced price of red diesel, the market is a very abundant one, as are the laws surrounding it usage. When making a decision based on which supplier to use, consumers need to ensure they investigate the credentials of the red diesel suppliers before purchasing. Ultimately this will save a lot of time and effort, both of which are a rarity in many of our lives!