The Truth About Biodiesel

Is biodiesel really a green fuel? In this article, we are going to be breaking down the facts and explaining if it’s true.

As we are approaching 2023 with an open mind to becoming a cleaner and more sustainable future, there are many new ways to be greener. Biodiesel is a fuel that’s one-of-a-kind. It is the only fuel that is environmentally friendly and renewable as the main ingredient is derived from vegetable oils.

Biodiesel was first tested in 1987 by Rudolf Diesel. When starting up, there were minimal batches used in the US. But as time has progressed, this eco-friendly fuel has around 1 billion gallons produced each year and has become one of the most popular fuels to choose from in Europe. This revolutionary option of fuel is biodegradable and much less toxic to use than other fuels.

Biodiesel is the future of fuel. This is due to the 70% less carbon monoxide emissions compared to your standard fuels. It’s a cleaner-burning option which is a great option for diesel engines as no modification is required. Another benefit of biodiesel is that it decreases up to 86% of greenhouse gas emissions!

Although this is a great way to help the environment, like all fuels there are some downsides.

The cons are:

  • It’s not a suitable choice to use during cold weather

If the outdoor temperature is low, the biodiesel will gel with the oils or fats that were used to produce it. We would recommend blending biodiesel with winterised fuel if you’re looking to use it during the upcoming cold months.

  • Cost is higher than regular petroleum

Since the launch of biodiesel, it has been noted that it’s significantly more expensive than your average fuel. This can make it harder for people to afford this eco-friendly fuel compared to regular fuel, especially during the cost-of-living crisis and the supply and demand for fuel.

  • Could clog your vehicle’s engine

Biodiesel is great, it creates cleaner air and clears dirt. But that removed dirt will, unfortunately, build up in the fuel filter and clogs it. If this does happen, you can get professional advice from a mechanic.

What are your thoughts about biodiesel and making the world a greener place?

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